Buzzer plays a continuous sound at start up with Kakute F7

Hi guys,

I have installed a piezo buzzer on my drone, it works, but when I plug in the battery it plays a long annoying tone at startup then starts the normal Arducopter startup tone.

Is there a way to avoid this long loud and annoying tone when connecting the battery?

Good day, in the advanced parameters you can have two options…

NTF_BUZZ_ENABLE = 0 to disable the buzzer

NTF_BUZZ_VOLUME can be used to control the volume.

Hey @Dave84 thanks for your help.

I do not wish to turn it off or make it less noisy, what I would like to do is to remove the continuous tone at startup, just like the Pixhawk or Pixracer does.

If im not mistaken, you need modify the code for remove it… but its not adviced coz the buzzer tone can give you the idea of what happening on the drone…

sounds like we need to pull the buzzer pin high/low in the bootloader, maybe you can open a issue on github

Pretty sure I tried this without success, but could be wrong.

I see,

However, I don’t think we are on the same page. Maybe you haven’t experienced this situation. The idea is to keep the buzzer. The only “problem” is the constant tone at start up before it goes into the normal startup tone stage. In other words, the buzzer works as expected, the only difference with the pixhawk buzzer is the loud tone at start up.

Why would I remove it from the code? actually I don’t even understand what you mean by removing it…

For remove the startup sound its necessary remove and modify the code

Hey @Dave84,

when you say “removing startup sound” do you mean this one?

this one is the start up sounds when you have initialize the fc wiring the battery

yes, I know. I just want to understand what is what you call "startup sound”.

Is this what you were talking about removing in the comments above?

yes… is start up sound, you want remove it?

No. As I said before, I don’t think you’re understanding the problem.

Thank you very much for trying to help anyways.

Just explain well what you are looking for…

I think what he is trying to say that buzzer should not buzz for first few seconds while booting (just before the final boot-up musical tone).

Normally you plug in the battery,everything is silent and after few seconds when the bootup process finishes,you hear musical tones.

But on some boards(i am experiencing in one of the omnibusf4V3pro board too) buzzer starts buzzing the moment you plug in the battery and its annoying to hear continuous tone for first few seconds before the musical tones.

if he is referring to this, On all my boards i don’t have that issue of the buzz, it depends also about the quality of the buzzer he is using and also maybe about the signal density.

While i was trying find a fix for this issue,someone said that its something related with buzzer pin pulling low or high while booting.

can be also this yes… but it’s written in the code, as advise by PeterHall in the past few topics… he can open an issue…

Type of buzzer makes a difference - this from an earlier discussion
Pixhawks use “passive” / piezoelectric buzzers (which act kinda like a speaker) that are controlled by PWM signals (and can play many tones), while the Betaflight-type boards are meant to use “active” buzzers which only use voltage (and no PWM), and only play ONE tone

Hey @uncletom thanks for the clarification, does it mean there is a way to solve this situation? or is by nature like that and there’s not much we can do?