Buzzer Error Sound

Hii Guys,
Currently I’m using Firmware 4.0.9 as well as 4.2.2 as AdruPlane Pixhawk Cube Orange
Getting a sound from buzzer while arming once GPS is start working then Airspeed Sensor is stop working and when Airspeed Sensor Working GPS not working and giving Unknown sound.
Using CAN 1 for GPS and CAN2 for Airspeed. And While Sounding Not showing any Error in GCS.
I have attached a link of Log file and Sound of buzzer
Aarav - Google Drive Log File & Buzzer Sound

That’s the prearm checks passing and failing sound. The checks should not be running after the vehicle arms and that bug was fixed in 4.2. One of your pre-arm checks is flapping. Tracking down exactly which one can be a little bit of a challenge. The PR if you are curious.