Burned ESC at first take off

Hi all,

I just finished my dron build and tried to take it off for the first time.
I did a acceleration and smoke started instantly on one of the ESC which catched fire !!!

A managed to remove the battery quickly and stop it, as only the ESC seems to be damaged…

My drone build:

  • Motor ==> Emax 2808 850KV with prop 1045 asking for a 4 cells battery. Max thrust at 16 Amp
  • Battery ==> 6750 mAh 70C covering the energy need
  • ESC ==> 30A, bought from aliexpress

My thoughts are:

  1. Bad quality ESCs, as some of you in the forum experienced…
  2. two much current on the engines ?

Thanks for you help…
I ordered good ESCs to change them. I hope motors are sill good…

That would be my guess. Hopefully they are not this junk?

Haha close to this… I prefer not to show you the pic :slight_smile:

I will receive the new ones tomorrow, hopefully motors are not damaged.

Thanks Dave.

Be careful: these are
Voltage: 2-3 S LiPo

If this is the case, the other ESC’s have no reliability.

Thanks Dave. This is the one I ordered:

Those are really best suited for a fixed wing motor. I suppose they could work for a multirotor but not a good choice. Buy some branded Blheli_32 ESC’s.

It burned again !
I don’t understand what is wrong with my build…
It killed two motors too… Is the battery too powerful ? Is the throttle two sensitive to that is loads the engine two much ?


Check also for continuity. Maybe a short somewhere or a bad soldering

Thanks AndreSRC. I will spend some time to check that.
Is my understanding correct : Battery delivers what is asked to it ==> The fact that it can deliver way more current that motors can handle is good.

Thanks again for your help

Yes. A battery with higher C rate is better.

Motor mount screws too long and cutting into motor windings are one possible explanation.
Also aluminium or carbon fibre conducts and could be contributing to a short.

Can I ask what voltage range your battery operates at?

The battery is a 4s. 14.8V.
I will have a look at the mounting screws.
I think I may have a root cause as the three wires of the motors might touch each other and make a short.