Building Skyviper's Firmware

I have a skyviper-v2450 drone I want to make some changes in the firmware. When I look at the list of possible boards I can use I see 2, which are skyviper-v2450 and skyviper-v2450-px4. Which one should I use? 'cause for me both are working (although the battery failsafe goes on during flight despite my battery being fully charged). What is the difference between these two?

I am building as skyviper-v2450. Not sure what skyviper-v2450-px4 is. Looks like it defaults to skyviper-v2450.

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I asked around and I discovered that one uses the ChibiOS RTOS, the other uses PX4 middleware and NuttX RTOS. Original firmware is the PX4 but you can use any one, doesn’t matter.

Yes. When SV2450 firmware was merged into the AP master, it was one of the first to receive the Chibios conversion treatment. It is much smaller and runs faster on the board and it was the 2018 drones were built on as well.

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