Building SITL for Heli/Coax configuration (Copter3.5) on Eclipse for Pixhawk on windows

I would like to build SITL for Coax configuration (Copter3.5) with Eclipse on Win7 for Pixhawk hardware.

May anyone have an expirience with building SITL with Eclipse on Windows?



Why do you punish yourself like that ? :slight_smile:

Use the PX4 toolchain from
and/or and/or

:joy: I’m not a masochist… I just want to close a loop with custom fdm on simulink.

Hi @amilcarlucas,
Thank you for the advice!
I already do this, but I am still looking for some help with that:
I used a toolchain to open and build the ardupilot code with Eclipse on quad/heli configuration as it was explained on the site.
How do I set a coax configuration and build it with a board configuration = sitl with Eclipse?

Thank you