Building quadcopter

Dear friends I was given a frame and motors, as well as a 3dr px4.

Do you guys have any advice on flight controllers and ESC to get ArduPilot running??
Also any advice on propellers? I have Tmotors MN4010 KV475
Im planning on using a 4s6p MJ1 pack or 6s6p MJ1
I have raspberry pis CM4 and zeros

You probably need about 12 inch props. Get the T-Motor carbon fibre props, they are good quality. If you can get cheaper ones that mount the same that might be a good strategy for first flights in case something goes wrong :frowning:
13 inch or 14 inch might be OK provided the props wont over-fly the folding arm mechanisms or central plates. Using props that are unnecessarily large just introduces more tuning difficulties (and expense).
Will you be expecting some heavy payload, or just the usual camera or similar?

If that flight controller pictured is still with the frame then it will be OK to use with latest stable firmware.
Choose “Pixhawk1” when loading firmware.
You wont need any RPi’s or anything else unless you need a companion computer for some special task.

For ESCs you might be able to use one 4in1 BLHELI32 mounted centrally, just extend the motor wires to reach it. There are many advantages to using BLHELI32 → DSHOT protocol and telemetry data.
The BLHELI ESC would connect to the AUX outputs, not the MAIN outputs on that flight controller.

You’ll need a GPS unit too, with built in compass. Connector to suit Pixhawk1.

awesome thanks a lot, no heavy loads, i will follow this:

  1. find propeller adapters with Master Airscrew Performance 12x4.5 from amazon
  2. wire up 4in1 Dshot

I will update when this is done

The Master Airscrew MR series props are awesome. Also order their prop adapter rings at the same time, you will need them.

I recently got a set of Master Airscrew 11x10 “3X power” tri-blade props to try on a 2kg quad that previously used MR series 12 and 13 inch props. The 13 inch MR series props produced the longest flight times with 660 and 700kV motors on 4S to 6S power (I’ve used a bunch of combinations just for curiosity’s sake). The tri-blade props come with a slight penalty in flight time, owing to their increased mass, but they run super smooth with noticeably less vibration. Hover throttle (by percentage) is very similar between the 13x4.5 MR series and 11x10 3X series. The tri-blades also make the copter feel a little snappier in response after a nearly identical tuning process.

ok thanks this all very helpful.

I need to find prop adapters for my motors.

can i control the quad with wifi through ground station for initial testing and hovering? or i need to buy a remote controller?

It’s very poor practice to do initial tuning without RC control. Once it’s tuned and flying well, you can start flying fully autonomous, but it’s usually a good idea to retain an RC link.

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