Building my own quadcopter

Hi guys,

I will graduate from the university. I will build a quadcopter for a senior project. I’m a little bit confused. There are a lot of designs and choices. There will be FPV. I’m thinking of using PZ0420 Camera I also use STM32 microprossesor to control it.

Which frame, prop and motor should I use?

For this light object (even its video transmitter) you can use little frames like QAV250.
For more evolution capabilities you can use too every frame like F450 with sunnysky 2212 motors, 30A ESC flashed Simonk, 10x45 props, 3S 3000mAh Lipo battery (20 or 30C)… and APM2.6 for the flight controller… but there’s very lot of other possibilities.