Building mission

I have 2 questions.
First about the turning direction on the way points. I want to choose clock wise or counter clock wise.
Second how can I set to the plane to do the turning like the the photo at the link.?
The photo here
The red line
The red line should be the plane route.
Thanks for the help…

AFAIU you’ll need an extra WP per turn to get the plane to loo back in time. You can test this in the simulator to get it right.

so there is now option to do it automaticly?
I`m using grid 2 to plane the mission…which simulator you recommend?
and what about the turnning directions? do you know any thing about is?

using mission planner you can specify a leadin distance as well as a leadout distance. this could be used to extend the flight lines like you have shown.

How can I do it?
Where it is in mission planner

auto wp>survey (grid)
then turn on advanced.
and its one of the settings in there.

I can do IL on grid 2?