Building a mini drone use ESP32

ESP32 is a very good mcu, and i really want to use it to build a mini drone(i call it firefly), so i try my best to work it out, now it come ture, i was even more pleased to find out that the ardupilot has started to support the ESP32, so i porting ardupilot to my drone, and i have done it, and it is work so well:
1、Althold mode testing video:firefly atlhold mode test.




Hi, great job! Can you give some more details? Which HW did you use? Did you directly use mission planner for the FW on esp32?

Thank you

@Alberto_Ds, I use esp32_wroom_32 module, mpu6050 and spl06(or ms5611) on i2c bus, i run the scheduler in 200hz, and do some optimize for the code, but it seem still some timeout to run the tasks:

I use QGC and MP on andriod phone to connect with the drone for the setings, and use a tlite rc to control it.

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@Leon90 excelent job! you can share the firmware compiled ? becouse i have big problem to compile it.
thanks much!

@skimans , Please leave me a email address, i can share with you.

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Why didn’t you use the GY-91?

But doesn’t FW 4.4 natively support ESP32? Is it still necessary to compile the FW?

1.I design the IMU module and the controller board myself, and I build my HW before found the Ardupilot is already support for ESP32, so I need to do some porting for my board.
2.I guess maybe it can’t run well if you use the natively support for ESP32 without some optimize.



thanks much

@Leon90 but MPU is MPU6050 or MPU6500 ?

@skimans It is mpu6050, and i leave some info in the email to talk about the detail.

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@Leon90 the firmware not install on device Esp32.

i have this device ESP32.
Do you know wich parameter i can use in Esp Tools for install it ?

@skimans you can try this way:

@Leon90 thanks much but not connect to Mission Planner.
One question…i must connect MPU6050 before connect to MP ?
or also only the board ESP32 ?

@skimans I haven’t try without a mpu6050, you can connect a mpu6050 and try again, and you need to use tcp for the connection.

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error connection :sleepy:

I asked @rmackay9 if we can have documentation on the wiki to help interested users. Hopefully @DavidBuzz or whoever is able to update the wiki soon

@skimans The IP should be

That is great, I would be happy to provide some information if necessary.

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Remote Port is 5760 ??

@skimans Yes, it is 5760.