Building a Basic-T GUI to Get Data from Pixhawk and Display it

Hi folks,

I’ve started off working on a project for my capstone project (as a mechatronic engineering student) where my responsibility is to design and build a Basic-T GUI that is able to communicate with a Pixhawk via MAVLink and display specific data such as Altitude, Pitch, Roll angles etc… on an Android/Windows running device, I have the choice either going with a windows running device or android, I did some research on this topic and since this is my first experience in this field I feel myself a little bit lost and I don’t know how can I determine my requirements or the outline that I can go along. I appreciate any advices from any one of you guys!These are what I’ve found until now:

  • I have to build a MAVLink communication between Pixhawk and the GUI and try to receive some parameters and display it on a console at first.

  • Then build an GUI that is able to get these parameters and display it as it’s shown in analogical Flight Instruments.

  • The system should be a real-time.

  • My design should be similar to this design|525x500 .

Some questions:

Is building a web-GUI easier or windows/android GUI easier?

are there any similar existence projects on Github that I can look at?

Thanks in advance!!

I think you can do that by customizing QgroundControl a bit. It will run on both windows and android.
And there is a pymavlink adroid example available.