Building a Antenna Tracker - What to use and how?


I’m thinking about building a MAVLink based AAT not out of necessity but rather curiosity on how well the components would work in tandem with my current Setup.

In my case, the core component linking everything together would be the TBS CrossFire Tx and it’s built in Bluetooth functionality which I’ve already successfully used to get wireless MAVLink Data to Mission Planner running on a Laptop.

What I’m basically wondering is if it’s possible for an AAT to receive it’s MAVLink information directly from the TX’s Bluetooth Link, thus without the use of a Laptop running Mission Planner, and which components would be necessary and recommended - Using a full fledged Pixhawk seems to be rather excessive for such a project?

Thanks in advance =)

Hello Durahl, were you able to get the TBS crossfire to work with the pixhawk via bluetooth? I’m in the process of building the same and I want to know if you were successful with the project. Please share how you did it if you got it to work. Thanks in advance.

BTW I can get my telemetry from my TBS crossfire on my laptop through MAVLINK as well.

Can’t help with this as I’ve pretty much abandoned the world of UAV for more ground-based and less crash-prone interests:

Still, good luck with your quest! =)