Build MP in VSC2019 Framework 4.7

Hello, getting 3 types of errors:

  1. Could not process .resx files due to being in the internet or restricted zone.

  2. ProjectX is not compatible with TargetFramework …

(which Framework should be targeted?)

  1. NetStandard targeted projects cannot reference NetCoreAPP targeted projects.

Are there settings to solve these problems or do I have a lot of footwork to do?


  1. unsure, google it
  2. install the extra VS modules. ie mobile/c#/desktop/net core/web
  3. see 2

also try build just mission planner, alot of the unloaded projects are not required to just build base missionplanner

So I got it to build and run just fine. If you get errors like number one above right click
on the Mission Planner zip file, go to properties and unblock it. Delete the Mission Planner directory and extract the zip file again. Once this was cleared up all the other problems disappeared as well.