Build Ardupilot Mega 2560 (APM1)

Hello everyone,

I’m new in UAV world and I got a job to build APM1. I don’t know where to start, but the point is I have to build Ardupilot Mega (APM1) board but I only have board and schematic file. Does anyone know where or how can I find detailed electrical component to build the board ? because the BOM that generated from autodesk eagle didn’t give me enough information.

You will find valuable information here:

but maybe have to reconsider your goal.

@mlebret thank you for your response. But there is no way to find out the specific components ?

11 years old design… “Bon courage”

Maybe an April fool joke?

just wondering if there is anyone who has the archives

Something at Sparkfun:

Please don’t.

ArduPilot hasn’t supported atmega-based boards for 5 years now.

We get people turning up here semi-regularly having wasted their money
buying hardware which is not only obsolete, but more expensive than other
more modern solutions.

There are various open-hardware options out there you might look at
instead - f4by for example. In fact, we have a spectrum-of-openness in
terms of hw…

There is a version held in the Archives here

But dont expect a heap of help in getting it going.
There aren’t many left that remember working on these, and even my memory of the ordeal is fading.

okay, thank you for the responses. I really appreciate it