Build advise S550 hexacopter

I am building a S550 hexacopter for a camera drone and would like advice on what hardware to use. I was leaning toward the Cube orange but I am considering a Navio2 on a Raspberry PI 4 B. I wanted to use a GoPro 7 camera and I have read that I need a raspberry PI in order to fully control the camera from the remote so I was thinking this might be a good option. I must also tell you that I am unfamiliar with Liniks and C++ programming. I would also like to have GPS of course and a LIDAR or visual sensor on the bottom for a better position hold. Later I want to add some sort of obstacle avoidance. Either LIDAR or visual. Any advice on the rest of the hardware is also appreciated. The kits for these frames are sold with 2212 motors. I was concerned that with adding the camera and gimbal that they might be a little under powered so I was thinking of the Emax 2213 935KV motors paired with some 1045 or 1033 props. I am not looking for efficiency not speed but it does need the power to withstand some wind. Thank You in advance for any advice.

Buy a bigger frame.

Frames like that are good for entry level use, but IMHO they are not really suitable for any kind of serious aerial photography/video work.

I’m not looking to do any serious photography and I may change to a larger frame later. This will be my first gps drone. I have only flown 5" race drone and wanted to try something a little different. I figured why not add a small gimbal and camera. All of this is new to me and I am trying to figure out the best way to go for flight controller and efficiency with motors and props. Flight controller is one thing I want to get right because it can move to a different frame later. If you have any suggestions for any of those I would love the input.

Hey, I’m working on the same frame for the same reason. I fly 5in freestyle fpv and DJI now I want to do something new, probably inav and later arducopter.

What motors, esc, battery combo for you used for your s550 ?