Bug - Take off in loiter actually stabilise

I seem to be having a bug that when I first arm and then take-off in loiter mode on v3.1, my quad copter will actually seem to be in stabilise mode until I flip to another mode and back again, is this a known problem or just me?

If you think you have found a bug, please open a ticket in the bugtracker-

Also just saying something without posting a log file is not much help either :wink:

If that’s happening then it’s a bug. It’s theoretically possible if the switch isn’t being read properly on start-up but I don’t know of a loophole that would allow this. As the others say, a log - either a tlog or a dataflash log (or both if you have them) would help get to the bottom of this. Let’s do that before raising an issue in the issues list.

Here’s a log file from the flight, the default logging settings, if any more info is needed please reply.

It’s very clear from the logs that you’re right. It’s acting like it’s in stabilize mode even though the loiter navigation controller is also running. Thanks for reporting this and I’ll see if I can figure out how this is possible. This may lead to an AC3.1.1 release sadly :frowning:.

Ok, found and fixed the problem.
github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/ … a1becbb871

 I expect we will need to push out AC3.1.1 within a couple of weeks to ensure others don't bump into this.  thanks again for the report!

Good job, both of you.

I read that feature requests are to be placed in “bugtracker”

Where is this? and what is it? A forum category? or subcategory of something else? …can not find it anywhere.

I punched in “bugtracker” in the forum search box but it only leads to the posts where other folks are asked to place their feature requests in bugtracker.


I personally normally call it the issues list and not the bug tracker. But in any case, the issues list is here:
github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/ … state=open

Once it’s been verified as a bug it should be put there. Also enhancement requests belong there.