Bug / Question of SITL with RealFlight


First Problem :

I could run SITL with Realflight 9 following this link’s procedure :


but for Realflight 8, I couldn’t find “Realflight Link” option.

Realflight 8 options

Second Problem :

Yaw is not working well with SITL with Realflight 9.
Yaw control is very slow.
I’m using both WSL Ubuntu SITL and mission planner SITL.

I’m using Titan Cobra VTOL model.

Flightaxis support was in a beta version of RF8 and required an “unlock” code to activate it.
I don’t believe RF8 had a menu option to enable it.
That was six years ago and I don’t think that beta is still available.

Haven’t tried the Titan Cobra yet.

Thank you very much.

Ardupilot’s simulation function is very effective for training pilots. I can’t use internal simulator for some reason. to simulate what I want, I have to use WSL Ubuntu.

I’m trying to find a way to simulate a ship’s movement, including rolling and pitching, for practicing landing on ship, with Simulator and SITL, but I’m clueless.

Additionally, I need to modify the Wiki contents.

In the below link, they mention that RealFlight 8 can also be used as a simulator and has a link option: Using SITL with RealFlight — Dev documentation.

I also need to modify several things in the Wiki, including the information below:
Servo Auto Trim Mechanism? - #15 by Janno.

However, I have never modified a Wiki before, so I’m clueless.

Submitting edits for the wiki is easy using github:

Just click the “Edit on GitHub” link at upper right on the page.

Thank you very much. I will request modifying contents later.

Do anyone have idea why the quadplane’s yaw control is very slow?

I changed many Q_XX_YAW parameters but didn’t work

Other things works very well.

Try giving the motors some cant/angle and it will work.

Thank you.

So I have to edit 3d models, right?

You should be able to rotate the motor parent in the Airplane editor.