Bug on QRTL of VTOL?


I found mysterious problem on arduplane VTOL SITL.

I want to make my VTOL to hover at some point without radio controller,

for emergency situation on the sea(I will operate VTOL on ship, very far away.)

but I found no QBrake mode on current firmware.

If there is no QBrake mode, if some sensor fails at long distance, I don’t have time window to change airspeed sensor parameter. it is the sea, so QLand is also not available.

so I decided to use QRTL instead of QBrake(if I change home point I can use that to hover at some point in quad mode)

while testing the QRTL mode in SITL, I found another problem.

I set parameter “Q_RTL_MODE” to 3(Q_RTL_ALWAYS)

but if I change mode to Q_RTL, the plane seems to perform airplane mode RTL.

I looked through servo output, and quad motor doesn’t work.

because I’m on south pacific, I have very limited network connectivity.

so I can’t upload my SITL log, sorry.

this mysterious problem is still persist.