Bug/Issue with RTK/GPS inject in mission planner 1.3.43 causing it to not respond

Im using the RTK/GPS inject feature with a swiftnav piksi broadcasting it’s observations through UDP. In mission planner. when I try to inject the GPS by connecting to the UDP host in the correct port, Mission planner freezes for a while and then crashes. The fix to this issue was to uncheck ‘New RCTM msg’ and to also uncheck ‘M8P config’. I do not know why this happens, but thought it’d be worth reporting.

Also, Once I unchek both those options, when I connect to the UDP host, the window to enter port number and the window that says connecting appear twice. This is not a big issue though.

my guess is the issue is the m8p config option.
as that trys to write to the port/udp. which just fails as the piksi system isn’t listening at a guess.


I used 1.3.44 and the bug where the window to enter port number appearing twice seems to be fixed. Thanks!

On a side note, The label for the GPS status says RTK float for status 5 when it’s actually RTK fix.

what gps are you using ?

I’m using the switnav piksi RTK Kit.

that’s to do with the software on the pixhawk itself.
only 3.5 beta has the fix for this at this point in time.

Reopening of an older topic but my issue is a little bit similar with RTK inject in MP I tried to connect my Emlid Reach base as a TCP server-client and after connecting MP sees incoming messages from base but immediately after first data package I get this error message:

It states (in Hungarian unfortunately so I’m trying to translate) that an index is out of range, index can not be negative value and has to be less than the size of data collection/repository. If I close pop-up window, I get back message immediately.

What can be wrong with my setup?

have you used the m8p settings before? enable it, ensure al lthe settings are sain. then close it. and it should be fixed.

something in the m8p screen is wrong/broken value

I have the exact same problem. I’m using an Emlid Reach RTK as base (an another mounted on my drone) and as soon as I try to inject GPS from the base via TCP I get that error.

I checked M8P but the error keeps comming. What can I do?

Adrian , your M8P is not configured properly since you are using 3.4.6 firmware, use 3.5 beta firmware and it will work.