Bug in calibration/fail safe view(?)


This is my first post, and I think I have searched /googled appropriately, but if this is a known thing/user error I apoligize.

I bought a second hand quad with a APM clone. It flew well when seller demoed it. He then removed his Spektrum Rx (I have a JR setup)

Hooked up my receiver and went to calibrate radio. The gauges did not respond.

I redid my connections a few times, tried different receivers, same thing.

Then i found the debug graphs and looked at PWM RAW and saw that everything responded as one would expect.

So, I went back to calibrate and went through the motions and realized that it DOES calibrate, because the dialog after calibration has sane values.

So, any hint to why. Gauges are not updating? And should I even be concerned when everything appears to work?

If someone stumbles on this thread. I resolved it. Or rather it resolved itself.

The issue is not present when using 3DR. It is only present when using USB. So, I’ll stop using USB then. :slight_smile: