Bug? F765-Wing with Latest update no longer boots (BLH_* parameter problem)


I have flashed the current ArduPlane Latest on a F765-Wing today. After that the FC does not boot anymore …

I could verify this insofar that setting SERVO_BLH_MASK=3 in my parameter backup leads to this problem.

My parameter file can be found here: https://workupload.com/file/bxmkZmJzzBd

Can someone please cross check this?

@andyp1per, I think you changed BLHeli routines last days …?

Can you be more explicit about “does not boot”? Can you not connect with mavproxy?

You have not set OTYPE - what are you hoping to achieve by setting SERVO_BLH_MASK?

After flashing Latest, the red LED is constantly on and no connection is possible with MP anymore. I do not use MavProxy.

OTYPE is not set, because I use standard PWM for airplanes and otherwise only passthrough (for configuration of BLHeli32) and telemetry.

@vierfuffzig has similar behavior with an F405-wing.

Ok I’ll see if I can reproduce with your params, but this is more likely to be the bootloader changes.

Have you updated the bootloader recently?

Ok I can reproduce the problem with your settings - investigating

@Target0815 my issues are unrelated as none of the BLH settings involved. i‘m seeing bl lockups with the new bootloader when booting from usb only on my matek f4 wing.

The configuration is from the beginning of the year, I have flashed the arduplane_with_bl.hex and since then about monthly the Latest via the MP.

The current arduplane_with_bl.hex I then flashed yesterday after the problem with Latest occurred. So at the moment there is a current bootloader.

Ah, then I had misunderstood. Anyway, I can reproduce the problem immediately by restoring my parameters and then setting SERVO_BLH_MASK.

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Thank you! (20 letters …)

@andyp1per thanks for fixing! now on to the bl - issue …

I suggest you try backing out @bugobliterator s change - that’s the most likely culprit I think

@andyp1per yup, but seems to somehow interact with USARTs defined in bl though. that’s been subject to discussion for quite a while.