Bug? ADS-B data stream not shown on map

Hi all,

I’ve been struggling all day with trying to get a PingRx to show ADS-B downlink data in Mission Planner.

From what research I’ve done, apparently displaying ADS-B doesn’t work anymore, at least since after v1.3.52?

I’m running 1.3.56 and APM:Copter 3.5.5 firmware. I’ve confirmed with qGC that the ADSB data packets are present on mavlink, which narrows it down to MP. Is there a hidden setting I’m missing to re-enable ADS-B?

can you post a tlog with some of this data in it?

Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately I cannot, my boss has forbidden me from doing this. :c

Confirmed. I just flew and saw nothing on 1.3.56 but ADSB aircraft were visible playing back the tlog on 1.3.52. I will PM with link to the tlog.

ive found the issue, and its fixed in the latest beta MP.