Budget 2s mini build

I’m building a tiny lightweight wing. Others have built these at under 200g running 2x 18650.

I haven’t seen anyone use ardu on one yet, and coming from Inav it seems like a cheap way for me to learn.

I have most of the hardware ordered but I’m struggling with the FC. It needs to be 20x20 and run on 2S. I’ve been looking through the Ardu fc list and most seem to be 3s minimum. Can anyone suggest a suitable FC?

Initially the mamba mk4 f405 mini looked suitable. The ardu page says 2 - 6s. But the official docs just say 6S?

Hi Nick,

the Mateksys H743 mini ( Flight Controller H743-MINI – Matek Systems ) has a 20x20 mm mounting, the circuit board has 36x28 mm and the supply voltage ranges from 6.3 volts to 36 volts.


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I can confirm the Matek H743-mini will run on 2S as I used a 2S Li-Ion battery with one for awhile. Since switched to 3S Lipo but there was no problem. Nice FC as is the entire Matek H743 line.