BT and Droidplanner 3

OK, I been looking around online posts for days and havent found anything so I will start this thread.

I have a generic APM 2.6 /w the 3.2.1 firmware and the bluetooth module. Actually all the hardware is straight from the 3DR store. The tablet is a galaxy tab s nearly straight out of the box. I followed the direction in mission planner re: unchecking the box “disconnect on usb connect” and paired the BT to the tablet(flawless)

I install and open droidplanner 3 (3.1.2) and hit the connect button. The program says connected. I can arm, disarm from the program and it reads the battery voltage correctly. It even flashes failsafe when I plug a 3S battery so it is reading something from the APM.

BUT… it doesn’t read any telemetry info, (heading, orientation) has no GPS fix, will not read parameters and wont load or read waypoints. It also shows the MAVlink version in settings (3.0) but does not show firmware of the APM. All logs in the droidplanner folder is present but blank.

if I plug the tablet directly into the APM with a USB cable I have no problems.

I’m aware that I could probably just go to the radio telemetry gear, but I was hoping to save the weight space for an FPV system.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Fixed this myself.
Seems the APM adapter was pinned wrong. Was VCC, Tx, open,Rx, GND, which is why i could request arming from the tablet but not receive anything. Switched the Rx to the correct pin and 'viola! perfection like I always get from 3dr.

maybe the Tower connection check routine should include a received bit from the vehicle (?)