Brushed Motors beeping very fast + not spinning

Hello there! Im building myself an autonomous boat with a Chinese pixhawk 2.4.8 and 2 brushed motors.
I’ve did it before but i didnt count for weight and it sank and lost the autopilot. Used it just with the FS I6 for a while and now got new autopilot components. Its just that this time i cant get the motors to spin. They just beep very fast (more than 3 times per second)
Any ideas why?

These are the esc’s i use

@8TILMATE welcome to this community.
On your attached pictures I can moreless see some wireing but no details about your setup. As I am only a not very expierenced user I can’t identify your ESCs by the picture. So it might be a good idea to write exactly the brand and type of the used components: autopilot; RC-system, ESCs …
Also the knowledge of used firmware versions and parameters of your setup can help.

I am using some offbrand esc’s from a local ship modelling store,i dont know much about them either,but i got them working before. I am using missionplanner 1.3.8 with ardurover 4.2.3. the remote is the flysky fsi6 with the FS IA6B that connects to the pixhawk 2.4.8 with a ppm encoder.

@8TILMATE the first I would try is to connect the ESCs directly to the RC-receiver. If they than work the problem is propably a wrong setting of the autopilot.
Therefore your paramter file and a log file of your trials would be good for the experts in here.

you should be connecting to the flight controller directly using IBUS or SBUS.

the ESC your using looks a lot like a RC car ESC, are you sure it has reverse? are there any jumpers on it for setting forward/reverse? constant beeping sounds like its not detecting the throttle at idle so its not enabling the motor. try connecting it directly to the throttle channel on the receiver to try and get it moving.