Broken Tarot-2D Gimbal Adapter Plate

After 10 successful full-battery training flights with zero crashes, I finally mounted the Tarot-2D gimbal to IRIS with my GoPro, loaded the Tarot parameters, and attempted a flight. She got 10 feet up and one of the props flew off (yes I tightened them preflight!), sending IRIS to the ground. Only damage was a broken adapter plate on the gimbal (gimbal-to-Iris). I saw one reference to someone on the forum who made a 3D part, but nothing recent on spare parts for this. Surely I can’t be the only one to break this? Any leads on replacement IRIS mounts for the gimbal??

Hi Spyrodyn,

I’m sorry to hear about your crash.

Here you can find the tarot - iris adapter plate: … pter-plate

If this is not the part you should post a picture of the broken part. Unfortunately we don’t offer replacement parts of the gimbal itself.

Thanks RogelioN. This is a hidden link not referenced on the 3DR store. Ordered a replacement. Marking this solved!

When I broke my adapter plate I went to the hard ware store and bought a $10 plastic welder. It’s held up ever since and has even made it through a crash.

Spyrodyn, did you ever figure out the cause of your prop spinning off? Did it happen when you were tilting the gimbal, by chance?

I just had the EXACT same experience as you (though I had a slight crash before, and the motor was already acting a bit weird). But the instant I started to tilt my new gimbal, the right-rear prop flew off.