Broken GUI with Mono

Hello everyone,
on Linux, using Mono and MissionPlanner of almost any version (incl. latest beta), my GUI is completely broken - usually only first letters of text fields are visible - see the screenshot at:

I’ve tried copying all fonts from Win7, but the problem persists and now I’m somewhat lost and would definitely appreciate a nudge in any direction!


given MP hasn’t changed. I would upgrade/downgrade mono

I’ve tried downgrading the Mono to 4.6.1 - no change.

try Mono JIT compiler version (2017-02/5077205 Thu May 25 09:19:18 UTC 2017)

Still nothing, but thanks for the tip! It appears there is something wrong with my system… But I have no idea what :confused:

neither do I. the system I test on works fine. so not sure.

So, after a year and half I finally found the issue: it has nothing to do with MissionPlanner - all winforms apps had corrupted GUI texts.

Rebuilding libgdiplus with cairo support instead of pango solved it.

(Sorry for resurrecting old thread, but I hate to see old problems unsolved).