Broken Buzzer Question

Hello forum,

I come to you with hat in hand after doing something rather foolish. While trying to install an FPV transmitter inside the iris housing, I seem to have knocked loose the ground wire leading from the pixhawk autopilot to the buzzer. The soldered connection inside the buzzer itself has come off. As I never put any pressure on that particular connection it looks like it was pretty poorly made.

I have several questions regarding this:

  1. For now, can I simply fly without a buzzer attached to the pixhawk until I can order a new one? (I’ve tried to remove the buzzer plug from the pixhawk itself but can’t seem to get it out and don’t want to risk damaging anything further).

  2. Can I order a replacement buzzer from 3DR or will any buzzer I can pick up from radioshack do? The only suppliers I can find for this particular brand of buzzer seem to be outside the US.

  3. Lastly I would prefer to try and repair the current buzzer, as the problem is very simple. As I have little experience with circuit design, I assume the ground wire leading into the buzzer was soldered to a specific place inside the buzzer to begin with. Could I simply solder the ground back onto the buzzer and then test it while not connect to the Iris?

Thank you for any insight.

Yes it is on their website store under parts. You will probably have to splice the DF 13 connector onto it from your original.

Thanks for the info. I should have looked more closely. I was actually able to just cut off some of the plastic shielding and re-solder the wire back on!