Brishless Gimbal

Hello everybody,

I’m looking for a brushless Gimbal like that but i wanted to know if there is a way to connect it to my APM ?
I have read lot of questions about this subject but without result.

Thank you

There’s a teaser entry and video on the 3DR blog showing a new direct-drive brushless gimbal that will be available soon. Does anyone know any details on this? Or how long we should wait for it to become available in the 3DR Store? Or if it will be too heavy for a 3DR QuadCopter? The video shows it attached to a Y-6 or hexacopter (I forget which one). I assume they will sell it as a kit with the controller, motors and cabling.

Is there a way you can try it ?

I’m very intersted in thatpossibility


HI I use my own brushless gimbal connected to a brushless glimbal control board that then has a input from the APM (2.5) to control tilt (without stabilisation) from the apm I also use the apm to trigger the camera for photogrammetry work, at takeoff the camera is “stowed” pointing up, a few seconds after takeoff in rotates to straight down, when landing is selected it goes back to stowed position.
Works very well.

I can highly recommend this one… … xmos-combo

I have used their stuff before and the service is great.


@Steve K

Nice! Ive tried to connect my APM2.5 to my AlexMos gimbal controller for pitch control according the 3dr instructions (at least I did…) but all tries resulted in sqweeking gimbal control and “hot elecs”- smell (nothing broken tho)

Could you please tell me simply what ports you connected together and if anything more than signal wire was used?

Got it myself: Only signal and ground makes all tick really well without any cross powering beyond different board’s capabilities (and that might only be news for mechanical engineers :blush: )