Bringup of custom board - Check BRD_TYPE

I’ve built my own FC due to some specific requirements. It’s STM32F765 based, and I’ve verified that all the hardware works by putting Inav on it.

However, I need Arduplane on it, so I wrote up a hwdef.dat and hwdef-bl.dat for the board, and it came alive using Arduplane. It’s up and running, communicating MAVlink over USB, etc.

However, it seems to have issues with either know what board it is, or how to communicate with the barometer.
The software reports the following over MAVlink:
Check BRD_TYPE: Baro: unable to initialise driver

The barometer is a regular BMP280, which is used by many other boards, so I doubt it’s the driver. I’ve checked, double-checked (and then some) the pin-definitions in the hwdef, so I’m pretty sure those are correct.

What could I have missed?

I see this is a post from quite a while ago, but I would suggest contacting @tridge through a PM here, github, or hop on the mumble server where he is commonly available:

Can you share any more details about your board? New hardware is always exciting!

Haha, yea, I should probably have updated this thread. I figured it out (myself) eventually.

The accelerometer I was using (BMI160) wasn’t supported for MCU targets, and the Linux driver kind of sucked, so it was locking the SPI bus, leading to the barometer failure.

I’ve redesigned the board (for many other reasons as well) with a ICM-20602 IMU instead, and all is well. I flew it today as a matter of fact. :slight_smile:

As for the hardware, right now, it’s basically a flight-controller shield for a Raspberry Pi with redundant power-supplies with plenty of overcurrent protection to make brownouts a thing of the past. Also, locking connectors and other grown-up stuff you won’t find in any of the cheaper boards. (Yes, I know pixhawk has it, but that’s not a cheap board).

Right now its basically a flying test-bed for the electronics and the software on the Pi. It’ll be moved to a different platform eventually (away from RPi, not AP)

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