Bricked APM? How to Erase EEPROM?

I am having a problem with a brand new micro APM 2.6 from Hobbyking. It worked OK at the start, but since then has problems:

  • unreliable mavlink connections, stops part way through loading parameters
  • sometimes will not connect at all
  • cannot calibrate compass
  • usually showing solid red LED
  • many errors on terminal after connecting, never get a command line (see attached screen shot)

After reading many posts, I think the EEPROM may need resetting, but I cannot do it without a command line.

Can anyone help please?

[color=#00BF00]Moved to Hardware/General because no genuine 3DR item.[/color]

Sorry, I did not realize that APM forum is only for 3DR, not other manufacturers of their open source hardware.

In any case, I cannot find my posting in hardware, what subforum is it in please?

You just posted to it :smiley:.

Well, in fact, there were 2 small issues… First, it’s a hardware support issue, not a Copter firmware support thing. And then it’s not 3DR hardware. The hardware support forums say in their description that those are for genuine 3DR hardware only, but there are the general hardware forums (where we are now) where you can discuss generic hardware issues.

I have the same problem… was this ever resolved?