Brd_type what is the correct setting for orange cube PX4

Hi, am trying to check my settings , new build Tarot X6 with Orange Cube PX 4 board, I noticed in configuration, “Full Parameters List” on line “BRD_Type” its set to 3 which is Cube/PX2
it says if set to 0, PX4 will be auto selected. after setting the drone up the “Landing Gear” is not moving when I switch SC7 (as setup) so am checking line by line all the settings.
when I change brd_type to 0, now the drone is beeping like it will need calibrations again.
before I waste more time chasing my tail, figured I’d ask this question.
What should BRD_Type be set to?

Ok got it working, left BRD where it was, the landing gear not working was because it needed the three wires from landing control board (TL8X002) to a servo output pin 1 of the PX4/cube board, I changed a few setting in “parameters list”, SERVO9 29 RC09 29 then in user parameters picked RC8, now switch SD moves the legs. I don’t know if this info is somewhere in the many documents online, I googled the TL8X002 and Cube Orange and some guy had posted that he did this but wanted to make it Auto retract I think.

The correct value is the default, 3. Some of the naming/numbering schemes can be quite confusing and/or misleading. Pixhawk 2 (Sometimes 2.1) represents the series of autopilots featuring the multi coloured cubes, made by hex aero. It doesn’t include the other, newer cube on carrier board style autopilots made by companies like CUAV though. In general, PX4 represents a separate flight stack (Autopilot software), which is an alternative to Ardupilot. Long ago however, there was a physical autopilot hardware version called PX4.

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I only took on this build as an opportunity to learn about the orange cube, without peoples posts or videos I’d be totally lost working on this, the Docs are confusing as you said, there are two PX4 Boards (old and new style). two things I’m trying to figure out today on it: to setup/open/enable another AUX port (#2) for a drop device? to do a compass calibration without a cable connected to the laptop?
Thanks for your answer Sakza

3 ways.
Via telemetry
Using Onboard Calibration using Stick Gestures (no GCS). In the Wiki of course Compass cal
Using Automatic Offset Calibration. Again in the Wik- Auto Offset

How about another Wiki link for your 1st question!

thanks I do have a buzzer installed so that’s good, will show my client . disabling the compass is an option , but only as a last resort.
what do you think of the “Auterion” device and software?

Looks to be on the PX4 side of things. A different path than Ardupilot.

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