BRD_TYPE:Unable to detect board type


After updating to arduplane 3.9.7 all worked fine on bench testing. Took the plane out to the field and it would not boot. Back in the house it would connect to USB and download parameters but there was no telemetry.

I reinstalled the ardupilot 3.9.7 firmware several times, including loading rover just to reset everything. The firmware seemed to load fine but the accelerometer would not calibrate. Now it will only load PX4 firmware, which works fine, including all calibration but when I try to switch back to ardupilot, Mission Planner and QGroundControl report “BRD_TYPE:Unable to detect board type”

I would rather have ardupilot firmware since I use FlightDeck which does not work easily with PX4.

Any guidance would be most welcome.



This Cube is one of the first from 2016 and has the internal tape patch applied.

Since upgrading to 3.9.8 to hopefully get passed the restrictions, the log now just has:

Initialising APM
Initialising APM
Initialising APM

Except where the Edison and MP connect, then the logs says

fmuv3 00420045 31375103 33343537
ChibiOS: d2030d88
ArduPlane V3.9.8 (6ea22c9c)