Brandon MacDougall wins Ardupilot June 2020 Contribution of the Month

Congratulations to Ardupilot community member Brandon McDougall (aka Quadzilla on Ardupilot’s Discord chat) for winning Ardupilot’s “Best Contribution of the Month” award for June 2020!

Brandon was nominated by the dev team for his work with Tridge and others modelling the Alti Transition for simulation with RealFlight.The Alti Transition is a a high performance quadplane from Ardupilot partner AltiUAS.

And the result speaks for itself in this video!:

If you are further interested, be sure to check out #simulation on Discord. Lots of ongoing work, discussions and contributions from community and dev team members. If you have the RealFlight flight simulator, or intend to acquire it, check the documentation and checkout the “Released Models” (and "Work in Progress/WIP if you are more adventurous) sub directories on GitHub for models you can simulate.

When it comes to simulation, Ardupilot also interfaces with a large number of simulators besides RealFlight, including the ultra realistic X-Plane, AirSim, Gazebo, Morse, Webots, SCRIMMAGE, SilentWings Soaring, and others. With Matlab/Simulink coming soon!

And speaking of simulation … We may have seen nothing yet. How about landing a quadcopter on a quadplane? Not quite there yet, but stay tuned! I am sure it’s just a matter of time :wink:

The prize for the month is $200. Thanks also to those donating to ArduPilot, including our Corporate Partners . If you are a company and wish to donate a prize for an upcoming month, please email the partners email list (

Congrats again, Brandon!