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Box Boat test with Rover-3.3-dev

The video above is a first test of my “box boat” which is a waterproof box with two thrusters on the bottom, a Cube autopilot running Rover-3.3-dev firmware. I drove it around in manual, acro and then successfully tested RTL and Auto.

It worked pretty much as expected with the exception that it weaves a bit between waypoint. The issue here is (I think) we need “heading hold” added between the navigation and low level turn-rate controller. This will make driving the vehicle around in Acro and Steering modes much easier but it will also allow us to catch and correct any heading errors before they build up into position error (at which point the navigation controllers notice and correct them).

The thrusters are the T200 from BlueRobotics.

P.S. apologies for the mediocre video quality. I have a new camera coming for future videos.


Best boat ever !
You didn’t try loiter on position ?

Txs! The shape is a bit ridiculous, it makes me laugh actually.
I did not try adding Loiter to the mission, next time for sure!

I’m looking for information, can you help me?

Hi @rmackay9,
Please, Can you share any reference python script to control the boat?
And is mavros working with boat (ArduRover V4.0.0)?



I’m afraid that I don’t use python (or perhaps you mean dronekit?) nor mavros very often but I think both should work with ArduPilot Rover-4.0. ROS/mavros setup instructions are here.

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