Boot behavior when power-on with no RC transmitter enabled

I see a difference in my PixRacer behavior when I power-on my copter by connecting battery.
If I turn on my RC first, then connect battery to a copter then everything works without a problem.
But if I power-on my copter without having RC enabled then following issues noticed:

  • MissionPlanner retrieves parameters very slowly (like 1 parameter at 1-2 seconds)
  • OSD (Telem1) does not work (“No Data” message from minimOSD)

It looks like firmware is generally working, but some task takes a big CPU time. And mavlink transmittion rates is wery low.

If I then turn on my RC - firmware stops freezing (MissionPlanner can read and write parameters as usually). But OSD (Telem1 port) still not working slow.
Also after RC is enabled, FC buzzed beeps a single tone. I don’t know what it means but normally (when RC is enabled first) there is no such tone.

I forgot to clarify that I’m using PixRacer’s wifi board to connect to MP. Not the USB cable.

Which FW version ? Please update to 3.5.4

@amilcarlucas this is on 3.5.3, but I will check on 3.5.4.

I also found a related thing while solving another issue with wifi link - wifi connect losts every time I turn off my RC tx.