Boosting 433mhz telemetry signal

Hi. I found this module on aliexpress im not really sure what it do, is there any1 that is well known with this module?

Power amplifier.
No use with telemetry, since it is only one way.

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Thx for the response. What do you mean with one way? im very new to rf :smiley: I would like to find way to get more range with my boat.

Andras means that it amplifies the transmit signal only and not the receive signal and because MavLink is a bidirectional communication protocol this one way amplifier is useless.

If you want more gain, you should start with the antennas , it is the best best method to augment signal without adding noise.

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Thx for the fast reply and the explanation. Im looking ad 3, 5, and 6 dBi. what would be good dBi for boat? My goal is to get 1km range.

Standard telemetry radio works at several km but I never tried over water on a boat. I would suggest that you use a yagi on shore.

Or change to 900Mhz (or 868 if you in europe) and get an rfd900x radio which is capable of 1W.