Booster Motor Scale Change Using Rc Switch?

Dear gentlemen, based on current firmware (of quadcopter) we can change scale of booster motor between 1-5 on the parameter table.
Is it possible to change this Scale number of booster motor using one of the Rc switch or using one of the Rc channel… Anybody can help???
The purpose is to adjust thrust of the booster motor during flying, to get optimum value in real time.

Thank you

Not possible on copter 4.0 You could do it on dev using scripting.

Hi Peter, thank you for your quick response. To my knowledge you are the master in this area. Could you help me, how to do it ? Is it difficult?? Is it a major changes? I am very keen to have this function. I believe this function is very very important for a multirotor. Your help is highly appreciated.
Best regard.

This is a example of getting RC_IN

and this is setting params

Should be quite straignt forward to combine the two to change a pram based on the pwm of a rc input.

Note that it is a bad idea to set params at a high rate, this is because it has to search through all the params each time to find the matching string. 1hz or less is probably OK.

On you could also completely re-implement the boost functionality within scripting. You could read in all the motor outputs, take the average and output that on a new channel.

Wow thank you Peter for showing me the sample script. However I am not software engineer. I understand the concept, but I can not do the scripting myself. Should I do a PR for this function?
Thank you.