Boeing's massive cargo drone (using Pixhawk2 and ArduPilot)

Many of you may have already seen this but above is a video from Boeing regarding their latest delivery drone. Look closely and you’ll see the Pixhawk2 (link) and Mission Planner (link) make their appearance.

Obviously major credit to Boeing for its excellent engineering but we are also proud and honoured that you chose ArduPilot for your flight code! Thanks Boeing!

Some more details can be found in this Wired article.


My favorite part is where you can see a HERE GNSS and a Pixhawk (Holybro? Hobbyking?) literally taped to the full size prototype.

Of course, they’re probably just using it for data collection, but it’s a great juxtaposition of hobby-grade parts and full-size aircraft components with NEMA enclosures and $200 cable connectors.

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Apart from our community’s satisfaction to observe they use Pixhawk and Ardupilot, really this is neither creative, neither innovative. Let’s ask Boeing to just finance our community with 10% of the budget they spent here, and we’ll show them what innovation is about and what we are capable of.
It makes me think of the same attitude IBM had when PC emerged on the market…


Don’t be so impatient. Let them stick to technology! :wink:

I see a LightWare laser altimeter on board ;).