Boat rudder turning to extreme sides continuously on Auto


I purchased a simple scan boat from Autonomous Aeronautics at the beginning of the year. Long story short, it has never worked yet and the company I bought it from has vanished (there seems to be a new company with the exact same products and the same videos on their site, but I haven’t gotten any response to them either). After a few months of reading and trial, I finally have the boat working on manual and steering mode in rover.

In auto mode, the boat moves at the correct speed. The rudder, however, spins the boat around once then it alternates back and forth to the extremes constantly. It seems to shift at exact intervals, and initially it also showed that a photo had been taken at the same time that the rudder would move. I set the camera capture interval to 0, but the rudder still moves.

I’m very new to all of this, so I’m sure that I could have messed stuff up. I purchased the boat with the understanding that it would show up ready to use. Now that I can’t get in touch with the company I bought it from, I’m hoping someone here will be able to help.

Just to provide information in case anyone else runs into the same issue, the steering was reversed on the boat. The fix I found was to set the steering reversed parameter to -1.

Thanks Matt. Its always great when someone posts the answer to a problem they had - helps the whole community. Very glad you have it working now.

Thanks, Grant.