Boat refuse to arm

I have made a Catalan solpanel boat with two propeller motors and have adding two rudders later.
It works fine with the propellers at Throttle Left and Throttle Right.
When adding the two servos as ground steering it refuse to arm. The message is type “Check throttle and the steering settings”.
If I arm with the servos as “disabled” it works fine and I can set both servos as ground steering when armed. Then everything works as expected.
Is this a bug or how can I solve this?

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To me it must be a bug. If I set one empty servo to “Throttle” then I can arm.

It seems to be very easy to fix.

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Hi @AndersW,

Thanks for the report.

So the vehicle is a mixed skid steering and ackermann steering vehicle I guess. There was definitely a time when AP didn’t support a single vehicle having both but I believe we concluded a few months ago that it does work.

I’ll add an item to the to-do list to update the arming check but also please report back if you find issues with the vehicle not being able to control itself well.