Boat: No DPTH messages logged from echo sounder

Hi, as I said here:

"Hi, I’m trying to obtain DPTH messages from my pixhawk 4, but I don’t see that messages when I open the saved file (in SD card) by tapping “Review a Log” on Mission Planner.
I had tried Mission Planner from 1.3.63 to 1.3.68 versions

May you help me please?,
-What version of Mission Planner does the work?
-What version of Ardurover firmware is the correct for that?"

I have the following settings:
FRAME_CLASS = 2 (boat)
Ardurover V3.5.1
I’m using an Airmar SS510 (this one works with NMEA0183)
I think that is because my echo sounder is not an Echologger ECT 400 but an Airmar SS510. Do you think so?.
I don’t now what is going on.

Thanks for your help.

@alexhenao24, any chance you can provide a dataflash log?