Boat navigation setting

hello I would like to discuss two topics, the powerful parameters for a boat in automatic mode to have the cleanest navigation, the addition of a lidar avoidance system all on pixhawk cube.

What do you mean with “powerful parameters for a boat in automatic”?

I am looking for parameters to be injected into misson planneur to navigate in automatic mode, although mine is not precise in its acceleration, WP, brake and others.

Did you get yourself comfortable with the ardurover wiki?

Without knowing what kind of boat you’re using it’s impossible to tell you what parameters you should use.

Maybe you should start reading the wiki here

And read through the first time setup and the first drive. Get yourself known to PID tuning.

After that is done your boat should be able to do autonomous missions.
There is no such thing as a one-fits-all standard setting to make automatic missions possible.