Boat Mode/Launch

Does anyone know if the SV can be boat launched? I know the SV is running pretty much “3.5” and Boat mode is in 3.4 and later. Has anyone tried this? Or when I take it out on the boat should I just use throw mode?

I’ve also ordered a second on, I have a 3DR Solo but i don’t want to risk it.

I do not know what you mean by SV, but Solo , with OpenSolo and ArduCopter on 5v upgraded cube, or green cube 2.1 , can do boat mode, and everything else just fine :slight_smile:

SV is Sky Viper. The specific section of the forms this was posted to.

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Just a guess, John, but I think you would need to install latest Arducopter firmware in place of the SV firmware . Neeko has done that with his I think .

I got the SV as a toy for my son, 8yo, to fly instead of flying my solo. And now I’m all jazzed to get a second SV as a project platform. Since it’s easier to destroy a 77$ drone than risk a $300 one

I’m on SV #3 now would love to have something like a solo but I get into easy enough trouble with the 5 or 6 different $120 brushed toys I’ve had over the years that I would cry if I lost or destroyed some thing worth hundreds or thousands of $ . Plus at theweight these are I don’t really worry to much about real damage to other property or any injuries . Cause with me shit will , allways happen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::scream: