Boat - Long Range Trip

Hello Fellas!
I just did a successful trip with my boat, first journey was about 4km and second was 6km. The boat did well from what I could see and arrived without issues, or so I thought. Combing through the logs I noticed that for no reason whatsoever, on both trips the boat would randomly go full throttle and a few minutes, then back. GPS speed follows the trend and goes way past the 1m/s speed up to 2m/s. Afterwards it would calm down and continue as it should. I am very curious why, I am no expert at reading logs but from what I could see there is no reason why it should do this? I have attached the .bin file and the param file as well. If someone could take a look thatd be great. First mission this happened just past waypoint 11 and second trip it was just past waypoint 7. 2021-05-15 10-50-42.log.param (18.0 KB) 2021-05-15 12-11-50.log.param (18.0 KB)