Boat Loitering - Awesome, but have a question

Just installed 3.4 on my test boat. It’s working great and I’m loving the new loiter mode. It holds position well against wind and currents…

…However, my boat always ends up rear-end facing the loiter point since it naturally floats with the front facing away from the wind - it naturally lines up so the fewest degrees rotation results in it approaching backwards - and thus it holds it position backwards with reverse. The problem is the boat doesn’t have great steering authority in reverse so it tends to wander a bit - and waves hitting it from the rear is less than ideal.

Is there a means of forcing it to always rotate to the face the loiter point?

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It’s not possible to change the behaviour in Rover-3.4.1 but it’s on the to-do list. It’s not a very hard change and you’re now the 2nd person to ask for this so it’s very likely we will include this in Rover-3.5.


that would be very nice to have this option. looking forward to 3.5

Great, thanks for the info!

I this is on the to do list in future code. Mine does the same thing. What type of steering are you using?

It has rudders mounted to the transom.

If it is a single screw boat with rudders then, until a bow thruster is an option, it could be very difficult to keep the bow pointing properly due to windage

This actually has two motors. I could run them with differential steering but one of the reasons for two motors was to improve reliability when a motor gets clogged. So for the moment, I’ve been running the two motors on the same throttle signal. Perhaps I’ll try a combo of the the two, might be good for this application.

I have tried two props on skid steering and rudders on " Ackerman " steering as it has been said. Its a bit more maneuverable but does not Loiter any better . I have mine set up the same as yours because if I lose a prop I’m not doing circles with no way to get home.

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