Boat is turning back and when autopilot and home modus is turned on

Hello my name is Rick
I have a feed boat system Apm V2.8

What I’m using
Mission Planner 1.3.44
Apm V2.8 Software 2.50
Version XL Compass GPS

In Manuel modus the boat is doing well.
But if I put him on a carpilote it turns 180 degrees around and goes the other way.
It happens also when coming homemodus is on.
The Compass is well calibrated and the north is north
i hope that someone can help me out i am going crazy .
Thank in regard Rick

Hi Rick. I’m going to guess you have your steering reversed. Try setting RC1_REV to -1 and see how the auto navigation goes.

Thanks, Grant.

hi gmorph
the system that i have is a 2-way engine system.
The are put in as skidsteering in 0 steering out 1.
I have tried the way you say it but there is no different at all than

Thanks rick

Its going to be something to do with your settings as its driving the motors in the opposite direction. Double check your compass configuration is oriented the correct way. If you had to reverse your steering or throttle setting on the transmitter then you need to make the same configuration change on your vehicle.

Thanks, Grant.

heey grant

The motors are turning in the same direction.
Compass is good standing North=North and South=South
Stering and throttle are neutrale on transmittor
In Manualmodus works everything oke and good|
In tower the position of the boat is good and correct.

Thanks Rick

Please attach one dataflash log file when the incident occurs. I’ll have a quick look.

Thanks, Grant.

In dual prop boats your motors should be “counter rotating” (one clockwise the other counter clockwise) otherwise the boat will tend to “walk” to one side or the other based on their rotation. This could apear as the boat turning a 180. Have you let it keep going to see if you 180 isn’t really a 360?

I have the same setup and identical symptoms. Is there any solution for this problem?

Ok. Problem is solved . I just reversed Rc1 and RC3 as @gmorph suggested.

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