Boat controlled with ArduRover firmware v2.43

Hi, I’m new to the forum and this is my first message. The reason I came to this forum is because I started a project with a boat controlled ArduRover firmware v2.43. The boat is a catamaran equipped with two motors which makes the turns by speed difference so I use Skid Steer settings. The first tests have been phenomenal and the boat sails with great precision. The only problem I have come so far, is that when the boat arrives the point marked home or when I want to keep the boat in a waypoint, always the boat starts to turn on its axis.
Is there any option to change this function and the boat to get home or to a waypoint rather remain completely stopped spinning on its own axis?

When using normal steering and throttle in a rover, the ArduRover2 firmware puts the throttle to neutral and the rover will coast to a stop when it reaches the home waypoint.
As for the skid steering, the ArduRover2 firmware should stop both motors at the home point, but it sounds like it is leaving one motor slightly running which is resulting in the boat turning in a circle.
As far as the circling at the waypoint goes, it sounds like their might still be some aircraft code that is causing it to circle at the waypoint rather than stop.
I will pass your issue on to our programmer Tridge to see what he can do to correct your issue.
TCIII Developer

This is my boat.