(Boat)About Vectored Thrust 0-90°limit? should 180°

The angle of deflection of the motor now we can setting the bigest is 90.but i thank should be 180!

Usually ,out motor of the boat been installed at the end of boat,and the angle of the FC same with boat !so the biggest angle of deflection just 90 °,if not, the boat will countermarch !

I agree the angle limit at this condition.

BUT!!!!IF the Motor install at the front of baot,and the fc can turn with the motor!AND biggest angle can be 180°


the boat turn arond will fast ! why we need FAST?

that is key point of the article ! Loiter mode

now we can imagine the boat float down the stream, we use theloiter mode, bcs the the angle limit of 90°,the boat need to move and turn aroud。 BUT we put fc same condition with motor, when we use loiter mode, motor will trun to 180° and fc same, now the motor just need to start , the boat will stay at the same place, needont move a semicycle。and about the stream , the stern will turn 180°,but the boat still at the same place to finish the order of LOITER MODE!

that is how the GPS Anchor work! so , it will can be used for real boat, fishing.!

In the end, sorry about my english, bcs i dont speak english. but i hope us can read all !

thank you! let us wait for the reply of PIX!!!

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Hi @GPSanchor,

AP Boat doesn’t yet support turning a motor around 180deg to backup instead it assumes that a motor can spin backward. This has been requested a few times actually so we will probably add support eventually.

There’s a LOIT_TYPE parameter that allows specifying if the vehicle should always move forward to the target location or whether it is OK to move forward or backwards.

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thank you for your reply!

about the LOITER MODE,my idea is add another choice,
the fc just need to stay at the same place,need dont lock its orientation, then the boat will spin by the ocean current,at this mode, the motor always pull the boat to stay,not push, it will save a lot of power,


Yes, that’s actually how it works already. It doesn’t lock the orientation so it actually works better if there is a strong current.

about the vectored thrust, if it can set 180°,when the boat downstream ,just need to let the motor turn around, if for 90 ° ,the boat need to move then go back the Original position。maybe some one 90 some one need 180 。but i think it can be a choose ,it is better.


I also support this idea. I made a RC-model of a tugboat with ASD(Azimuthing Stern Drive), 180° would be very useful(360° ideal :grinning:). Ideally, it would be possible to get a similarity of the DP system.

I believe that would be an interesting addition, as it would be useful with motorized rotation trolling motors, which are typically bow mounted. Their rotation range is ~360 deg., with Motorguide Xi3, Minn Kota Powerdrive motors as an example. These units have the gps/compass in the head of the rotating shaft, so the motor is the heading reference, rather than the hull. If adding the feature, perhaps it should have 360deg (359ish) rotation capability?

I’m just starting to learn Ardupilot for a kayak-based project (manned) for fishing. Loiter mode is the primary interest for me. Autopilot for a servo-driven rotation mechanism that I’m presently designing for an inexpensive 55lb thrust Newport Vessels trolling motor I have. Essentially building my own gps-based “spot lock” trolling motor, rather than buy the expensive commercial versions.

A: Because it will be fun.
B: I can use more robust hardware.
C. Hopefully save a few bucks, if I’m fortunate, and not just optimistic

Ardupilot will also allow me to program auto missions for trolling, which will be extremely useful.

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