Board orientation problems: Matek F405-Wing and F405-WSE

Hi guys, Im at a loss here. I cannot get the FC’s to orient in the correct direction. After flashing new firmware, doing all 3 calibrations, with the board in the “forward” (AHRS 0) orientation, pitch works perfectly, roll is flipped on each board! If I roll FC/plane to the right, horizon goes left, etc.

Also, I have a Matek SAM M8Q-5883 GPS/compass. It works fine on the F405 Wing, but I am unable to configure it on the F405 WSE. I get a fix quick on the Wing FC, shows “No GPS” on the WSE.

I am included the param files for both on here. Need some help .

4.3.1 AR Wing Pro Matek F405 WSE.param (18.9 KB)

4.3.0 AR Wing Pro F405-Wing GPS working.param (19.1 KB)

This is normal and no different in the real aircraft …

But you can switch to Russian Hud in MP (right mouse button).

Interesting. I had never heard of the Russian HUD. So in terms of stabilized mode flight characteristics, “FBWA etc”, everything should operate appropriately when changed to these modes?

Any suggestions on why the GPS may not be working on the wse board?


Wow, yep, that fixed my visual orientation. I had no idea there was a difference. I changed it in MP and works for both Wing and WSE. Thank you. Ill go back and double check my elevon setup to ensure no changes there on my end.

If you have any suggestions about GPS, still having trouble.

  • ***** If connecting just one GPS to UART4(TX4/RX4), pls set SERIAL3_PROTOCOL -1 or non “5”. otherwise ArduPilot will stop searching for GPS during bootup if not found on the first port configured for GPS protocol.

RTFM … (EOL) Flight Controller F405-WSE – Matek Systems

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This took care of it. Thanks