Board Orientation problem - Matek F405-CTR

Hi all,
I’m having a little problem on by Flight Controller with Mission PLanner;
My drone comes from Inav, and i want to try it with arducopter, since i added some rangefinders.

Anyway, on Inav, my board orientation was YAW 270° (arrow point on the left on the quadcopter);

In mission planner, when i do the same parameter, i have an inversion beetween left and right (when rolling left, horizon roll right and vice versa); up and down are OK;
So i tryed another YAW, with 90°; and i have good left/right but bad Up/down (horizon goes down when nose up and vice versa)

I tryed all the YAW orientation possible, none are working good;
Any idea what it can be? What orientation should I choose?

Thanks for your help!

Sorry late for meeting but read these two articles

Read this


@lezabour have you double checked you’re using the correct ardupilot firmware version for your exact board type? mind the CTR requires using the MatekF405 fw, not the -STD type as it’s using a different IMU / default rotation. see for reference.

Thanks for your help;
Yes i choose the right firmware, the MatekF405/arducopter_with_bl.hex

Their is no compass on the board, its the external compass of GPS; GPS/compass has normal orientation (arrow pointing forward);
This is my GPS/compass:
normally compass as same orientation as GPS/Arrow on it, so normally i do not have to change compass orientation;
–>i will recheck that anyway

I did change AHRS to 270 (and tryed all other like explained before) with the results you know

thanks again

also, i did try to disable compass to see if it affect it, no change…


@lezabour can you please check if you get correct response with your board in default orientation and AHRS_ORIENTATION set to 0 = none.

hmmm! We may have a clue!
@vierfuffzig i just did, and no, i don’t have the correct response.
right and left are inverted ;(
(when rolling right, HUI Horizon roll left)!
maybe this could be the problem?

ok i thing i found i reflash with last version and updated mission planner and now seams OK!
will try to fly and check it directly

thanks for help

@lezabour - I face the same issue with my Matek F405 FC. Can you, please, tell which exactly version of

  1. Arducopter and
  2. Mission Planner
    did you use?

How was your test fly?

Thank you!


I managed to make it work with 4.0.5, by changing the board orientation to 270°

Test flight has been ok :wink: